Dirk Heyns

FPSSA, APSSA(Vers), EPSSA(Mille-Premium), DPSSA(Vers), AFIAP

In 2011 a friend invited me to a photo club meeting as I was a keen photographer. From the first image that was projected on the screen, I was hooked to the way photo clubs function. I immediately joined the club as well as PSSA.

I see myself as a very interested and active club photographer.

In 2013 I completed a Diploma of Professional Photography as I wanted to understand the theory of photography.

Since then I obtained an LPSSA, an APSSA (Vers), an FPSSA with a specialist panel called Martial Arts, an AFIAP honours and well as the EPSSA(Mille-Premium).

I have been the salon director for salons a few times and regularly judge salons and club events at neighbouring clubs. As a keen participant in salons, I have obtained several medals on National and International level and in 2023 ended in the top ten of the Impala trophy.

I have provided some training on high-speed low-light action photography.

I am fortunate to have accreditation to photograph mixed Martial Arts and some boxing tournaments regularly for many years, but I am also interested in various other genres such as street photography, Macro and bird photography.

Below some of Dirk’s images

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