The Recorded Lectures Library is a library of photographic lectures/presentations in various digital formats.

These presentations are freely available to clubs and paid-up members for their own internal use and may not be duplicated nor distributed without the prior consent of PSSA and the originator of the material.

Copyright vests with the originator and must be respected.

Contents will be updated as and when new material is made available.

Use of the material is free to affiliated Clubs and paid-up members but access is restricted and made available on e-mail application to

In their e-mail, the applicants must confirm that they/he/she will abide by the following:
- indicate to which lecture/presentation/document access is required
- how and when the material is to be used
- confirm that the material will not be duplicated or distributed
- confirm that the material will be deleted from all computers used once the event/purpose has finished.

Currently the following is available:

1. Lectures from the 2020 PSSA Virtual Congress:

* Emil von Maltitz - Capturing the Beauty in Landscape

* JAP Introduction Congress 2020
* Johann van der Walt - Travel photography - Shenzhen-handout pages
* Johann van der Walt - Travel Photography Destination China
* Johann van der Walt travel video
* Martin Barber - Let's Tell a Story
* Tyrone Ping - Chameleons of South Africa

* PSSA Honours Show 2020
* PSSA Showcase 2020

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2. Johan Kloppers
Johan Kloppers

3. Laetitia Kenny
Laetitia Kenny - Portraiture @ Langebaan 2016 PPTX 90MB

PSSA Showcase

Honours Show 2016 EXE 712MB

Roel van Oudheusden
PSSA Recorded Lectures Librarian
01 Dec. 2020