Chris Fallows

Chris Fallows



Chris Fallows specializes in shark conservation and marine wildlife photography and together with his wife Monique runs Apex Shark Expeditions and Apex Images. His main focus of work is at Seal Island in False Bay, South Africa which has become famous for the breaching Great White Sharks. Chris and a colleague discovered the unique breaching behavior here is 1996.

Chris has hosted or appeared in over 50 international natural history documentaries and his images have appeared on the covers of many of the world’s most prestigious magazines and newspapers. He is also passionate about exploring new areas for sharks and wildlife and has dived with and photographed a wide range of species on and around all seven continents.

His aim is to portray the shark for what it is, a magnificent super predator perfectly in control of its environment and not a mindless killing machine as portrayed by the media.


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Some of Chris’s images below

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