The Judging Accreditation Programme (JAP in short) is an effort initiated by PSSA to help members become more proficient photographic judges. As a photographic society, one of our most important roles is to nurture and encourage photographers at all levels to increase their knowledge and expertise.

Judging is and always will be subjective; the intention is not to train a series of clones but for judges to see photographs with an open mind and against the background of an awareness of the larger world of art and photography beyond the limits of the club.

In order to take part in this programme please read through the judging accreditation programme document. If you would like to register for the programme please complete the sign-up form and mail it back to

For those members who have already signed up and have completed one of the two workshops please download the appropriate Judging review form on this page. Once completed please ask the relevant person to mail the excel file back to

For any other information please send a mail to