Jill Sneesby

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Jill is a club, salon & honours judge and has traveled extensively to judge many international events including the HIPA Awards in Dubai, the Emirates Photography Competition in Abu Dhabi, the Al Thani Awards in Austria, the FIAP Nature Biennials in India as well as numerous international events in China.

She is a member of the JAP team and is currently running the accreditation programme in Port Elizabeth.

When she is not called on to judge she often enters and has achieved considerable success both Internationally (Wildlife Photographer of the Year & Nature’s Best) and Nationally (Fuji, Getaway & Agfa Awards) as well as on the salon circuit. Her most notable win being of the Toyota Landcruiser in the Africa Photographic Awards.

Jill has been awarded honours in prints, slides and audio visual and was the first person to achieve the MPSSA. She also achieved her FRPS and MFIAP in nature prints and was recently awarded the Hon CPA (China) and Hon FIP (India).

Below a gallery of Jill’s images

06 African Elephants - Jill Sneesby
15 Indian Goat - Jill Sneesby
24 On the Ganges - Jill Sneesby
11 Camel Herder - Jill Sneesby
21 Albuquerque - Jill Sneesby
02 Motehr and newborn gnu
18 Pushkar Concert - Jill Sneesby
23 Snow trees - Jill Sneesby
10 Street Scholar - Jill Sneesby
05 Baby Elephant - Jill Sneesby
19 Pink and Green - Jill Sneesby
17 Northern Lights - Jill Sneesby
03 Three Little Pigs - Jill Sneesby
09 Giraffe at edge of dust storm
08 Elephants in storm - Jill Sneesby 1
16 Sunrise Gemsbok - Jill Sneesby
20 Fall Colours - Jill Sneesby
22 Alamorgado - Jill Sneesby
01 Splashing Lions - Jill Sneesby
13 Dune ripples - Jill Sneesby
04 Zebra and foal  - Jill Sneesby
07 Elephant Mud Splash - Jill Sneesby
12 Camel Man - Jill Sneesby
14 Fortunate People - Jill Sneesby