Jeff Morris

Jeff Morris


My passion, as everyone knows, is Audio Visual. I have some 25 successful sequences to my name, 12 of which have been accepted in salons with FIAP patronage.

I saw the need for an AV club affiliated to PSSA and started AV Makers, first known as Pretoria AV Club. Through this club I have been instrumental in running about 12 national/international salons with patronage and a few competitions without. The standard of AVs has been raised and new adherents encouraged to make sequences through workshops and festivals showing both local and international sequences.

I have built up relationships with like-minded individuals and organizations from all over the world. It this way I follow international trends and try to keep up with developments. I was instrumental in bringing the well-known AV maker, Howard Bagshaw, to this country for his first visit as well as introducing other influential overseas visitors to our AV landscape.

I have dabbled in photography since the dawn of the digital era. I have been a member of various camera clubs in Pretoria during this time, which has developed my photography skills for use in AV. I have an APSSA in digital and a LPSSA in AV.