Martin Barber sf


My love for photography started at a young age when I was given my first camera for Christmas.

Later this moved to me developing my own black and white photos in a make shift dark room with an enlarger station in our bathroom.

Digital photography changed everything for me and digital editing with Adobe Photoshop became my new dark room.

I have worked for many years with adobe products such as Bridge Lightroom and Photoshop.

With my interest in creative photography I needed to study aspects of photo editing using these products as far back as Photoshop CS2 up to the latest Adobe Creative Cloud.

I now give lectures and classes in photo editing techniques all the way up to high end editing in Photoshop.

I enjoy all aspects of photography and see myself as a creative photographer and enjoy fine art, portraiture, altered reality, composite, and monochrome.

I joined the Alberton Camera Club in 2009 and worked my way up to Grand Master, the highest level in our club and served on the committee for 7 years.

I have been fortunate in the past to have been awarded many acceptances, certificates of merit and over 50 Salons medals, and numerous other awards for local and international salons.


Mono League 2013, 2014 Top 10

2014, 2015 Top 10

Impala Trophy 2014, 2015 Top 10

2015, 2016 Top 10

Impala Trophy

Mono 2014, 2015 1st Place

2015, 2016 2nd Place

Impala Trophy 2015, 2016

Best Salon Image Pictorial

Best Web Image

Marike Bruwer Award 2016 1st runner up

APSSA Colour August 2012

APSSA Mono portraiture September 2016

FPSSA Colour August 2015


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