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What is the PSSA Archive?

It is an attempt to preserve PSSA content for our future generations to refer to and use for research. Why should we look at the past? The answer to this question was recently explained by a presenter at an international audiovisual preservation seminar and I quote: “By studying the past, we can better understand our present”. This quote stresses the importance of preservation. 

The archive consists of 2 sections:

PRINTED MATERIAL ARCHIVEVarious formats of PSSA printed material, for example the official publications containing PSSA news are available.  If any member can help us with extra copies of IMAGE published since 1973/4, please contact Antenie Carstens. There are some missing ones that we need to get hold of. Your help is much appreciated.

MASTERS OF YESTERYEARIn this section we honour our PSSA members who have passed on and left us with valuable collections of images. It also contains short biographies of their lifes.

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