Dear Member

Notification of Elections - 2020
for National Directors

This notice serves to advise the membership that an election for 9 National Directors will take place this year.

The 2020 Directors' nomination form can be downloaded HERE.

The following 8 retiring Directors are available for re-election, (in alphabetical order):
Martin Barber FPSSA
J P Bester
Peter Cavanagh APSSA
Simon Fletcher APSSA, DPSSA (Vers)
Evelyn Gibson FPSSA, APSSA(Vers), EPSSA(Mille), EFIAP, SPSA
Jill Sneesby Hon MPSSA, FPSSA(Dux), MFIAP
Leo Theron
Roel van Oudheusden

It is important to note that these directors need to be nominated to be eligible for election. Each PSSA member is entitled to nominate as many candidates as they wish; they must however have agreement from their prospective nominee who must also sign the nomination form. A CV must accompany each nomination.

All nomination forms must be sent directly to our Electoral Officer, Mr Frank Reuvers Hon FPSSA, FPSSA (Dux), EPSSA, EFIAP, at the address given on the nomination form, to reach him no later than 29th July 2020.

If more than 9 nominations are received, Mr Reuvers will organise the election via a secured electronic process and each voting member will be sent an email containing a unique link directing them to the website. Here they will have access to the ballot paper where they may vote for the Directors of their choice.

Each member will be allowed one ballot paper only, and after voting, the member will not be allowed to vote again. The vote will be recorded against the candidate and there is no mechanism to link a voter to a vote.

Mr Reuvers and two independent adjudicators will be the only people with access to the votes. On completion of the voting Mr Reuvers will tally the votes and the results will be confirmed by the two independent adjudicators. At this stage Mr Reuvers will advise the President of the results.

Within 10 (ten) Business days after conducting the election of Directors, the Society shall deliver a statement, firstly to the Directors, and secondly to the Members who were entitled to vote in the election, and describe in such statement the results of the vote.

Francois Roux