2019 Winners Photo and Video Experience

E002-1366311-Light of Life



1st         Light of Life        Martin Barber


2nd       Moon Child        Hanli Smit

E001-1364022-Moon Child


3rd        Real Time           Dries Fourie

E002-1332036-Real time Pain




1st         Cable Car Swiss Alps       Thomas Bingle

F001-1366282-Cable car Swiss Alps


2nd       Elevator Abstract                           Leon Pelser

F001-1364004-Elevator Abstrak


3rd        Storm Brewing                 Channel Enslin

F003-1362991-Storm Brewing




1st         Bak in die son                  Suzi de Beer

C004-1366118-Bak in die son


2nd       Colour in Nature             Leon Pelser

C001-1363993-Colour In Nature


3rd        Clouds and Canola  Marc de Chalain

C002-1312747-Clouds and Canola




1st         Feed me Mommy           Alta Oosthuizen

B002-1369409-Feed me Mommy


2nd       Red Roman Fight             Stephen Opperman

B002-1365473-Red Roman Fight


3rd        The Last Gasp    Ian Taylor

B001-1359323-The last gasp




1st         Christie4                                          Francois Oosthuizen

D001-1353165-Christe 4


2nd       Fly like a bird                   Michal Viljoen

D002-1369953-Fly like a bird


3rd        Rose Gold Beauty  Hanli Smit

D001-1364014-Rose Gold Beauty




1st         Wedding Model Cyla      Simon Fletcher

Wedding 1


2nd       Inner Thoughts                Peet van den Berg

Wedding 2


3rd        Misty Snow White                         Simon Fletcher.

Wedding 3