2018 PSSA National Congress PE – Exhibitions



We have exciting plans for exhibitions at Congress, more details to follow as they are finalised. In the meanwhile however, here is your chance to join in.

PSSA Club Showcase

All clubs who have 5 or more members registered for Congress in PE will be invited to showcase their members’ images at the Athenaeum (the Congress venue) during congress.

Each club will have an exhibition board of 2.5m x 1.2 m and the way you fill it is up to you so long as you mention your club’s name on the Board. The board is polystyrene 30mm thick and we will supply T-pins for you to hang your exhibition. Each club will be responsible for bringing their prints with them and hanging them themselves on Sunday 30 September.

In order to participate in this showcase please advise jillsneesby@telkomsa.net as soon as your five (obviously more are very welcome) members have registered, in order for your space to be allocated.

Wilderness Foundation Exhibition & Auction

In order to show our support of the Wilderness Foundation Forever Wild Rhino Protection Initiative we will be donating R100-00 per delegate to this fund to help protect our Rhino. As photographers we are very fortunate to have such wonderful creatures to photograph and whether or not you are planning on coming to Congress you too can participate in this project. We plan on printing 10 x A2 Canvas Prints of Rhino which will be exhibited at the GFI Gallery during Congress and sold by public auction, the proceeds going to the Wilderness Foundation.

All you have to do is send us a large file of your rhino image and we will have it printed on canvas. You are not assigning us any rights other than to print and auction 1 copy of your image. It’s a small price to pay for the pleasure and privilege of photographing those magnificent creatures. Please send your files to jillsneesby@telkomsa.net via We Transfer.

Follow this link to register now for Congress in PE

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