2014 PSSA National Congress & Wildlife Convention

Congress feedback 462


Congress report from Anne d’Oliveira  pdf

Congress report from Evelyn Gibson  pdf



Marike Bruwer and 4 Nations Competitions

If you wanted to download the slideshows of the Marike Bruwer as well as the 4 Nations Competitions, you can access the shared folder on Dropbox from HERE.  Be mindful that both files are VERY large files and will take some time to download.


Congress photos

Below, find the Congress photos taken by Martilie Weideman.  Click on the first image and leave it to start the automatic slideshow or just click on the “Play” arrow at the bottom right corner of each image to go faster than the slideshow will. 

Better still, just enlarge the images you want to see by clicking on them individually.  All these images can be obtained from Petro Bosman via dropbox. She will share the link with you if you request her.


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