The hosting of a Salon is a considerable and responsible task. PSSA commends and is proud of those who take up the challenge.  The five steps below are aimed at assisting you in this task.

1.  Please remember that as artists those entering Salons are all very possessive of their work and sensitive to its performance, so extreme care should be taken of all the entries to your Salon as if they were your own.

2.  Submit your request to host a salon via your Regional Director using this Application for PSSA Patronage form of 2018/11/30 doc pdf

3. Submit this second part of the approval of the salon for the approval of the Judges for the salon.   doc pdf

4.  The PSSA Salon Administrator, Roel van Oudheusden, will be happy to provide advice on any aspect of a Salon and is available at all times.

5.  To assist you in meeting your obligations we have also compiled a Checklist with key dates. The spreadsheet contains a second sheet to check that the salon results fall within the parameters. This must be completed and sent to together with your final score sheet.

Instructions for the format of the final results for publishing including how to submit the medal-winning images can be found on the third sheet of the Checklist.

Click here to download the Checklist  

6.  Click here for the PSSA approved Salon category definitions.

7.  Before you undertake to host a Salon, please familiarise yourself with the current PSSA requirements. Therefore download and become au fait with the Salon Director's Manual. This is a living document and changes as does the Society itself. It is therefore extremely important for you to download the latest version each time a salon is run. 

Click here to download the Salon Directors Manual as at 2018.02.26 (5 MB)    Click here to download the Conditions of Entry

8. PSSA Approved Certificate of Merit Template. Click on the example certificate below to download a high-resolution version of the PSSA approved Certificate of Merit.  

Example Krugersdorp 2018 small


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