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Evelyn Gibson
Public Relations Officer
Photographic Society of South Africa

Congrats again to the winners and runners up in the Club Competitions and the web site competition, enjoy them all and see the work being done around the country. Please continue clubs to enter your winners every month as the overall winners for the year will be judged in July. Just a friendly reminder again to scroll down and enter your club and don’t leave it as Independent.


A lot of hard work has and still is being done putting all in place for our National Congress this year in Johannesburg.

Some of the attractions for this year’s Congress are :

  • Two well known International Speakers.
  • Guided Outings for Urban and Street Photography (with Professional Security)
  • Three Sessions of public critique for Street Photography Panels AND MUCH MUCH MORE EXCITING CHALLENGES.
Registration form and finalised programme and accommodation can be viewed on our web site. It is really exciting with different challenges for us with different types of photography. Hurry and catch the EARLY BIRD offer.  Click here for all the detail on the Congress Page.


PSSA continues to be pro-active in their approaches and developments for their members and in this vein the Board will be holding a Bosberaad at the end of May to discuss and brainstorm the way forward for our Organisation.

Please think and ponder over the following questions and feel free to send me your thinking as this could help with the Bosberaad.

1. What does our organization stand for and what do we want people to know about it?

2. Of the services that we provide, are we making these easily accessible to our members or should we be doing more? Are there other services we should be providing?

3. As a member of PSSA what do you want to feel? Is there something more we should be doing that will make you more comfortable?

4. What is the first thing you would like to say when people ask you why you are a member of PSSA.

Start to enjoy our Autumn months and prepare for our Winter months ahead – both seasons providing us with, as always great challenges in our photography.

Some interesting philosophy I read recently :

Quote “Photography is the art of light and shadow

Photography is the window of the Soul

Photography is the global language

Photography is a bridge of Friendship” Unquote.

Happy clicking.


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