The Judging Accreditation Programme (JAP in short) is an effort initiated by PSSA to help members become more proficient photographic judges.

Due to logistics, several courses are conducted where the regions run their own programmes:

• The Western Cape: They have now successfully completed their second accreditation.  The contact person for the Western Cape is Celia Fouche

• Eastern Cape: The contact person for the Eastern Cape is Jill Sneesby.

• Garden Route: The contact person for the Garden Route is Paul Rixom.

• KZN: The contact person for KZN is Geoff Feldon.

• For the rest of the members of PSSA the concept of Judging Appreciation was taken to the “masses” – currently more than 500 photographers have attended one or more of these JAP workshops where several basics and genres of photography were introduced followed by practical sessions where participants had the opportunity to judge and comment on photos in each specific genre.

Contact Person: Francois Roux


The aspect that has not worked as originally envisaged is the accreditation, which we do know that many of you are "patiently" waiting for.

In order for an accreditation programme to work effectively the weekend introductory sessions need to be followed up with more intensive practical judging with comments sessions being evaluated to give enough evidence of the competency of the participant/s to be certified as a competent judge. This will be conducted soon and will be intensive sessions, in smaller groups, once a month, for a period of between 12 – 18 months.

These workgroup meetings will provide a basis for more intense exercise in commenting in all genres of photography. We, the JAP coordinators, will not necessarily attend these workgroup sessions, although written feedback and peer evaluation forms need to be submitted to us after each workgroup session. Facilitators will be trained to monitor the progress during these sessions. At the end of these workgroup sessions practical evaluation and feedback session will be held with each workgroup and the necessary accreditation will be awarded to successful candidates.

If you have participated in any previous JAP sessions and wish to commit to the more intense future judging accreditation programme workgroups, please send an email to

Francois Roux


Feedback on the 23 & 24 January 2016 JAP sessions in Pretoria

Saturday 23rd January started the JAP Workshops for Gauteng North. Very good indeed and very well accepted by the participants, lots of interaction which added value to this workshop in a very constructive way. Thank you to Francois Roux and Johann v.d. Walt for leading us through the various input presentations covering various genres of photography and to Francois Venter, the Regional Director for Gauteng North for the organisation for this week end. Evelyn - PRO

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