FIAP Biennials 2018 Poster for websiteINVITATION TO PARTICIPATE in the 2018 FIAP BIENNIALS

These are team competitions between the member countries of FIAP and this year there is a Nature Biennial as well as a Black and White Biennial. The Nature Biennial is being hosted by the Photographic Society of Oman and we are hosting the Black and White Biennial.

Each country enters 10 Nature Prints, 10 Black & White Prints and 20 Nature digital images and we are looking for your very best images in order that PSSA can have the best possible entry.

Each country chooses a theme and all entries have to work effectively as a part of the panel as well as individually. In order to do this we have chosen the following themes:


  • Animal Action
  • Bird Action
  • Animal Portraits


  • Landscapes
  • Portraits
  • Street Photography

Entry is via Photovaultonline - PSSA Specific - Nature and B&W Biennial Entries for PSSA Members only.

Each PSSA member may upload a total of 4 Nature images and 4 Black & White Images and these must fall within the above themes.

Images must fall within the 1920 x 1080 size however the photographers whose images are selected for the entry will be asked to supply a file with a minimum of 3000px on the long axis.

Closing date is 25 March. Please submit your best images so that you can be part of the winning team.


In the 2016 Nature Biennial PSSA came 2nd in the Print section and 5th in the Digital section.

Koot Marais MPSSA won the FIAP Silver Medal for his image - Jackal Fight

A03 15 Jackal Fight Koot Marais


Johan Kloppers was awarded the FIAP Bronze Medal for his image - Stare of Death

Stare of Death P Johan Kloppers

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