We have just returned from George, where live judging of The Garden Route National AV Salon took place. Herewith a word from Paul Rixom, the Salon Director:

Garden Route National AV Salon

“I undertook the task of Salon Director ably assisted by Roel van Oudheusden, PSSA Director of Salons. The three judges were Adri van Oudheusden AV EPSSA FPSSA APSSA (Vers) AV-AFIAP, PSSA AV Director, with Mary Hunter AV-APSSA and Luana Laubscher AV-APSSA both of the Knysna Photographic Society.

The closing date of the Salon was 1st June 2018 and the salon was judged on the 9th June at the ‘Langgebou’ which is the regular meeting place of the George Camera Club. Thanks must be extended to the George Camera Club for arranging a booking with the Church for the use of the hall and also to Amelia Koen for providing excellent catering for everybody involved.

Unfortunately a rather disappointing total of only 15 AVs from 9 authors were received for the Salon, however the standard was high and the awarding of acceptances, COMs and medals gave rise to much discussion among the judges. Ultimately 6 AVs were accepted with the PSSA Silver Medal being awarded to Hannelore Seifart for ‘A Prayer for Ciska’ and the PSSA Bronze Medal going to Denise Preiss for ‘The Dry West’.

I would like to extend my congratulations and thanks to all entrants and organisers involved in this Salon.

Paul Rixom AV-LPSSA
Regional Director – PSSA”



From my side, congratulations to the successful authors as well! It was a privilege to judge this Salon and special thanks go to Paul Rixom who was willing to act as Salon Director – not an easy job. Thank you also to Luana Laubscher and Mary Hunter for assisting with the judging! Thank you also to Roel for the smooth running of the projection and sound! Thank you also to those who entered but were not successful – we appreciate your patronage! Rest assured that the judges had their work cut out for them with the strong competition. The judges gave constructive feedback to those authors who requested it, I trust that this was helpful. The good news is that all accepted Audio Visuals can be viewed HERE.

Hannelore Seifart – A Prayer for Ciska – PSSA Silver Medal
Denise Preiss – The Dry West – PSSA Bronze Medal
Certificate of Merit:
Friso Woudstra – Richtersveld – Certificate of Merit
Hannelore Seifart – Pillars of Tranquility – Certificate of Merit
Elizma Fourie – A Smile to Remember – Acceptance
Ernest Preiss – Barrier of Spears – Acceptance

No. of AVs entered – 15
Number of authors – 9 (2 from Natal, 5 Western Cape, 2 Gauteng)
Number of successful authors – 5 (56%)
Number of AVs accepted – 6
Acceptance rate – 40%


Results of the AV Makers SA National Competition

Franz Jesche & Anne d'Oliveira FPSSA and APSSA – Mysterious Venda

Certificate of Merit
Luana Laubscher AV-APSSA – Lalena
Certificate of Merit
Nico Jacobs AV-APSSA - Overberg Shadow and Light
Neels Beyers - Nieu-Bethesda
Jill Sneesby Hon MPSSA MFIAP AV-FPSSA APSA - Northern Lights
Luana Laubscher AV-APSSA LPSSA – Dark Side of the Sun
Luana Laubscher AV- APSSA LPSSA – Listen to the Wind
Denise Preiss AV-LPSSA – The Dry West
Adri van Oudheusden AV-EPSSA FPSSA APSSA (vers) AV-AFIAP - Off the wall
Adri van Oudheusden AV-EPSSA FPSSA APSSA (vers) AV-AFIAP – Threnody for Knysna
Friso Woudstra AV-APSSA APSSA (vers) – Die Richtersveld

Judging Panel:
Bruce Hepburn
Eric Thorburn APSSA AV-LPSSA
Dieter de Lange

Congratulations to the successful authors and our commiserations to those who didn’t make it. A report on this competition will follow in due course.

The judges have kindly agreed to write short crits for authors that ask for them. Please contact Jeff Morris at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Results of Ciné Caméra Club de Cannes

Congratulations to Len Cousins on his acceptance for Une vie sauvée (A life saved) in the Fiction section! Well done Len, you did South Africa proud.

Jean-Pierre Droillard advised that some of the AVs may be viewed here, or via the menu as follows: Menu FICA > English > Movies FICA > Films 2018 Diaporama. Be patient, some AVs take a long time to buffer.


Impala Trophy

This year we were fortunate to have two National AV Salons with PSSA patronage, ie PSSA and Garden Route National, and one with PSSA and FIAP patronage, ie the PECC International, which means that we may award the Impala Trophy for Audio Visual to a worthy winner! The Impala Trophy is awarded annually to fully paid-up members of PSSA gaining the greatest number of points in each medium. Impala points are gained on National and International Salons approved by PSSA and held within the borders of South Africa. The year runs from 1 July to 30 June each year and this year the award will be made at the annual PSSA National Congress in Port Elizabeth, from 30 September to 5 October 2018. We hope to see you here!


Upcoming International Salons

RPS Logo

RPS (FIAP Patronage) Closing 24 August 2018 (Entries accepted from 1 August 2018) - Click here for more information



Digirama Logo

Anyone who is active as (amateur) photographer can participate in this Festival. Accepted languages: Dutch, French, English, German, or "not spoken".

The subject is free, the work must be recent (2015-2018), a maximum of two AVs per author are allowed. The closing date is 17 September 2018. This is a challenge to all participants to bring their story in a shorter time, the total projection time is limited to 8 min. per author if two AVs are submitted. The entry form & regulations can be downloaded here


Upcoming National Salons


The closing date for our National AV Salon is 11 August 2018, please feel free to get your entries ready in the meantime. This Salon is free of charge to PSSA members. Please click on this link for more information as well as the entry form.



Salon Calendar

Please see the list of National and International AV Salons for more information on closing dates, fees and links under the AV Salon Scene tab.


Salon Results

Please see the updated Salon Results under the AV Salon Scene tab. Remember that the Garden Route National AV Salon is the last AV Salon that will count towards this year’s Impala Trophy. We look forward to your entry!


International Competitions

IPFThis year the IPF will be holding their 1st Open Photo Harmony Competition, in conjunction with their 36th IPF National AV Championships. The entry fee will be €15.00 for up to two sequences. The minimum length will be 3 minutes and the maximum length 5 minutes. Entry forms, fees and any enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 14th September and sequences to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 28th September.Enjoy your AV making!

AV makersPlease do not forget to support the AV Makers SA Club’s International “Emotion” AV Competition, closing on 1 November 2018. The entry fee is R100 SA Residents and €13 for all other participants.

AV Makers SA Club Ladybrand AV Convention 31 August 2018 – 2 September 2018

This popular get-together will be taking place again, so do not miss out on this wonderful event - therefore please diarise. I believe that we will have not one, but TWO International guests coming to join us for another memorable get-together. Alastair Taylor, who is Editor of the RPS magazine, will be leading the discussions, while Howard Bagshaw, who is one of the most successful AV producers of our time, will be spending the weekend with us as an unexpected bonus. What an opportunity, not to be missed! Please click here for more information.


Just a thought . . .

The Editor of AV Makers SA Club recently suggested that salon organisers follow suit in giving feedback to authors. Some may think that it does not entail a lot of extra effort, especially when volumes are small. After the recent Garden Route AV Salon, the judges, of their own accord, decided to do a short write-up on each Audio Visual. Within one week after the judging, each judge commented on all 15 Audio Visuals, with the AVs still fresh in our minds. Our write-ups were done in between a host of other PSSA and club duties, and work. (Don’t believe that pensioners have all the time in the world, it isn’t true)! In the end, three authors requested feedback.

When one considers the sheer volume of AV entries on an International AV Salon (the PECC International AV Salon attracted 152 AVs, of which 53 were successful), one can understand that time simply does not allow for the judges’ feedback. There are deadlines to be met, catalogues to be compiled, published and sent out, emails to be sent out with each entrant’s individual results. Certificates have to be prepared, medals have to be engraved, the show has to be organised, the hall and show prepared. Medals not handed out have to be sent out to the entrants, after double-checking all their details and addresses. From preparation to finalisation, such a salon could take up to three months before it is done and dusted. For a National AV Salon, attracting say 40 entries, the procedure is basically the same and here, again, time does not allow for feedback.

So where can we, AV workers, learn more about our hobby? Don’t be afraid to approach other AV workers or judges for their opinion. You will find that most of them are quite willing and able to help. Furthermore, we can learn from workshops, lectures at Congresses, YouTube, Vimeo and a host of other sources. Some software producers have excellent guides and videos that can be downloaded. You will find a list of resources under the AV tab on the PSSA Website. Furthermore we can learn from watching others’ work.

In all these years I have never received feedback from any International or National Salon. Some clubs, however, did give feedback. Did I learn from it? In some instances, yes. BUT most of all I get inspiration from others – not necessarily from AV workers or photographers, but other artists too. Also from films, books, music, plays, travel, just about anything.

So I trust that you will appreciate that feedback is not always possible.

It is great to note that there is an upswing in interest in Audio Visual, specifically in the Eastern Cape, Western Cape and KZN. If you have any questions regarding Audio Visual, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Enjoy your AV making!

Adri van Oudheusden

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