The Cape Photographers Congress at Montagu proved, once again, to be one of the best! On the AV side, Luana Laubscher spoke about the influence and importance of music in AV, which was very inspirational. Jeff Morris spoke about the use of voice-overs in AV, covering the theory of writing scripts and the required hardware essentials – a thought provoking talk.

A special word of thanks to Johan Kloppers who stepped in to fill my slot, and in his own inimitable style, presented in camera double exposure. All the other presenters offered outstanding lectures and workshops which will be a difficult act to follow. The outings were great fun and the catering was really something out of this world! Thanks to the organising team who made it all possible. Some PDF presentations are available on and if you want to learn more about the next Cape Photographers Congress, then please follow this link,

The final 40 AVs in the 3-2-1 Competition were judged live at the Cape Photographers Congress in Montagu. Comments from PSSA members who attended were very positive, and they also remarked that they appreciate all the hard work that goes into an AV Salon. The final results will be out by 30 June 2019. 

The recent Tropheé de Paris saw an overwhelming selection of 27 AVs by the French (which is to be expected), 9 from Italy, 3 from Great Britain, 2 from the Netherlands, and 1 each from Australia, Belgium, Poland and Spain. The final results will be out by 1 June 2019. Unfortunately there were no entries from South Africa. Entry fees are becoming exorbitant for South Africans, I do hope that a solution will be found shortly.

Please check out the latest Salon Calendar for closing dates, fees and website addresses on National and International AV Salons. Some of these AV Salons are free of charge!

The Cape Town Photographic Society (CTPS) AV Salon is closing on 31 May this year. You can download the brochure here  or email salon director This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. should you need any information. Please give them your support.

Also do not forget to support the AV Makers SA Up-and-Coming competition (free to members of AV Makers SA), open to authors who have never had acceptances from overseas salons and no medals from South African salons.

Enjoy your AV making!

Adri van Oudheusden


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