Last week Thursday was a sad day when we received the news that Nico Jacobs passed away, one of the great souls in audio visual. Our sincere condolences go to Cato and the children and family.

The following message came from Jannie Hougaard, I took the liberty to translate this very special message, it says it all:

"One of the big cameras of our art form's shutter finally closed. Nico Jacobs passed away this morning. With that comes a wonderful contribution he made in the field of photography, to an end. We will miss his talent in seeing and capturing God's creation through the camera and then displaying it with excellent technical skills. He used his photographic abilities to serve his Heavenly Father by capturing the miracle of His handiwork in images. With his excellent audio visual presentations of image, sound and commentary, he has won several nationwide awards and has also touched our hearts here at Kleinmond. We are grateful and will miss him terribly.

Our condolences go to Cato and her children and also their wider family.

Kind regards
Jannie Hougaard"

Congratulations to our golden girl, Luana Laubscher on her Honourable Mention at Citta di Garda for “You don’t own me”! Luana, you have done us proud! For all results, please follow this link

Luana also had a phenomenal success at the Tauranga International AV Salon, with no less than four acceptances. “You don’t own me” was appointed the worthy winner, acceptances were for “Easy”, “Fly away with me” and “Nkosi Sikelel 'i Afrika (God Bless Africa)” respectively.

Results from the Visual Skills School Creative 4-in-1 Salon (digital, prints, schools and AV) have been announced. Congratulations to Lizel Oosthuizen, winner of the PSSA Bronze Medal for “The Visitor” and winner of the VSS Medal, Hein Waschefort for “A true story”.

A big thank you to Robert Maginley, Salon Director, who reported that the Cape Town Photographic Society’s AV Salon attracted a total of 23 entries from 11 entrants, of which 6 were acceptances from 5 entrants.

Three main awards were presented these being: -

Silver PSSA Medal – Adri van Oudheusden—Hot Gates (Revised)

Silver CTPS Medal – Elizma Fourie- A Smile to Remember

Bronze CTPS Medal – Ken Woods – Lost Love


De Mond – Adri van Oudheusden
Aftermath – Adri van Oudheusden
Garden Castle – Ernest Preiss
Kolmanskop – Elizma Fourie
The Roadshow v 2 – Denise Preiss

Congratulations everybody! Entries from the Western Cape featured strongly, with some from Natal and Eastern Cape.

Klaus Fritzsche, organizer of the Challenge 321, wrote as follows:

“We like to thank all authors and all judging teams for their contribution, work and time. The Challenge was again a successful story. We are happy about the many submissions and judging. Feel free to send your feedback or comments to the organizers. The next Challenge 321 will be in spring 2020.”

Congratulations to Luana Laubscher on achieving 7th place and a monetary award for “You don’t own me”! For all the results, please go to 

AV Makers SA report that they were delighted with the large number of entries received for their Up-and-Coming AV Competition. Generally, the standard was high. Congratulations to Belinda Nel on winning the AV Makers Medal with “Tulips from Amsterdam”.

The 2019 International Aphotoreporter AV Contest results have recently been published. The purpose of this contest is to encourage the production of documentary photography, especially news information and human relevance. This year’s FIAP Gold Medal winner was Antonio Aragon Renuncio with “Koglweogo”. The rest of the results may be found at this link,  Well done too, to John Hodgson, guest speaker at this year’s AV Makers’ AV Convention, on winning the CEF Gold Medal for “Necropolis”. Right-click on the thumbnails and choose “open in new window” to see the posters full-frame, to get an idea of what the various AVs are all about. Unfortunately there were no entries from South Africa. However, I do believe that we have much material to work with in South Africa and hope to see some names up there next year!

The Irish Photographic Federation is running its 7th International AV Salon, open to all. The entry form as well as rules may be downloaded from the following link, Entry forms Rules  Entry forms and fees are to be submitted by Friday, 13th September, 2019 and sequences by Friday, 20th September, 2019.  Any further enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Judges are Ron Davies and Howard Bagshaw. Both have won prizes for many of their sequences and judged internationally. Should you attend, you will have an opportunity to see their work over the weekend of the 19th and 20th of October 2019, at Aras Chronain, Clondalkin, Dublin 22. There will be an evening meal on the Saturday night (at a venue to be arranged) and light lunches will be available on both days at Aras Chronain. 

Please find the latest Salon Calendar under the AV – Salon Scene tab, or click on this link, for closing dates, fees and website addresses on National and International AV Salons.

The PSSA National AV Salon closes on 10 August 2019. The Salon is free of charge. Judges are Luana Laubscher, Paul Rixom and myself. Reminders have been sent out to all our AV enthusiasts and we hope to receive a bumper entry this year! The brochure as well as the entry form may be found here AV Salon

For all the latest Salon Results as well as the Salon Calendar, please click on the Salon Scene tab. Please let me know if you have been successful on any AV Salon, in order that I may include your name on the list.

An important item on the AV Calendar is John and Judith Hodgson from Adelaide, Australia, who will be visiting South Africa during September 2019. They will be presenting Audio Visuals showcasing Australia in Port Elizabeth as well as at the Ladybrand Convention from 13 – 15 September 2019. (Please see the AV Makers SA’s newsletter Hodgson) John and Judith will also present a workshop on Storytelling with AV.

John and Judith have been active in photography for many years with John holding many positions including President of the Australian Photographic Society. John has exhibited with considerable success winning many awards for mono and colour prints. In 1985 he co-founded “Printworks”, an international print exhibitors group, which has established itself as one of Australia’s most successful of such groups.

John and Judith became interested in Audio Visuals in 2007, following a trip to South Africa and Namibia where John lectured at the PSSA congress in Veldrift. They have exhibited with success at national and international level in AV, both individually and joint productions winning more than a hundred awards.

Enjoy your AV making!

Adri van Oudheusden


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