There is nothing so amazing and endearing as to see the world through a grandchild’s eyes. I do believe that we as photographers can learn from it. As an example, have you ever thought of broccoli as “umbrella” vegetables? We are so privileged.

NPC AV Salon 2017

Results of the NPC AV Salon 2017 are out! Salon Director Jeff Morris and his team did a splendid job running this salon. Thank you Jeff! Apparently the support has been fantastic, with 38 entries being received. A big “thank you” to all for their support!

Congratulations to Anne d’Oliveira and Franz Jesche, winners of the PSSA Silver Medal and Reg Ansell Memorial Trophy for the best entry, “Mysterious Venda”. Bruce Hepburn walked away with the PSSA Bronze Medal for “Windows”. Well done Bruce! Congratulations to all.

The full report and statistics may be found here.


The 2017 Cape Photographers Regional Congress will be hosted by the East London Photographic Society in the magical town of Hogsback from 30 April to 3 May 2017. Delegates can look forward to a congress in the spirit of the Cape Photographers in a really unique venue. Please click here for more information on the programme.  On Sunday night, 30 April, Jeff Morris will show the results of the AV Makers SA’s “Water” AV Competition and on 3 May he will show the results of their six-way International Showdown. We are looking forward to some stunning AVs.

Monday and Tuesday night is showtime!!! If you would like to show your Audio Visual(s), then please forward your AV to me as soon as possible, with the following information: Your name, Title of the AV, Length of time and Programme used. Let us make this an excellent showcase of what our members are capable of.


Thus far I have not heard from anyone regarding suggestions for the next AV Convention, which may take place late March 2018, or the beginning of April 2018. Already we are enquiring about an International lecturer’s availability. We may again use The Showroom in Prince Albert, but perhaps you have a better idea. Any suggestions re the programme or venue are welcome!



The VSS Creative AV Salon, closing on 28 May 2017, promises to be very interesting and challenging! Four categories have been applied for, i.e. Creative with music and song, Creative with mixed audio, Comedy and Creative Audio.


Please see the list of AV Salons for more information on closing dates, fees and links under the Salon Scene tab.

Adelaide International AV Festival closes on 31 March 2017. The entry fee is AU$20.00 per AV. The judging panel is Howard Bagshaw ARPS, MPAGB.  Barbara Butler AV-FAPS, SSAPS and Keith Seidel AFIAP, FAPS, SSAPS.

Coupe Lumière’s closing date has been extended to 13 March 2017. The competition is open to all AV enthusiasts. After validation by the organizers, the AVs will be evaluated by a jury of three judges. After consultation, the jury will select ten AVs and will determine six special prizes depending on the quality of the chosen AVs. The ten selected montages will be screened on a large screen during the Festival. Question-and-answer exchanges with the public will take place after the public screening, during the final deliberations of the jury.

Tauranga AV Salon Entries are accepted from the 1st April 2017 and close on the 7th June 2017. They have four categories, entry fees are NZD $25.00 for the first AV entry and NZD $12.00 for each additional AV entry. Video, Time-lapse and Animated Graphics are allowed in all categories.

Trophee de Paris closes on 7 April 2017, and this time round the good news is that they have FIAP patronage. The competition is open to all, with the exception of those involved in the organization and pre-selection. The competition consists of several evaluation sessions. Only one sequence per author will be admitted. In the case of co-authors, two sequences may be selected if both are produced by two or more co-authors. Sequence having competed in a previous edition of the « Trophée de Paris » will not be accepted. Topics are free.

A Photoreporter 2017 closes on 21 May 2017 and has FIAP, ISF, GPU, CEF and FCF patronage. Each author may submit an audio visual of 5 minutes maximum. The entry fee per author is 15€, whereas for photoclubs with more than ten authors, the entry fee will be 10€ per author.

5th Concorso Internazionale Audiovisivi “Citta di Garda” closes on 10 June 2017. The sequences must have been produced in the last three years (from 2014 included). Reconstructions of older works are not allowed.

35th Città di Garbagnate - A special international AV section will run within the 35th "Città di Garbagnate" Photographic contest (October 6th-7th), a worldwide well-renowned competition for digital and analogue photography. A qualified international jury will judge both competitions. The brochure and entry form will be published shortly.


Challenge 3-2-1 is a fun international contest for short Audio Visuals with a maximum runtime of 3 min. 21 seconds. This short runtime is the "Challenge" for the authors. Until 2014 the contest was organized by the French photo club Gaphe in Hayange (France), led by Ricardo Zarate. After a two year break the contest is now continued by a German team.

Authors send their AV-sequences to the organizers in Germany by Internet transfer. The organizers will distribute the AVs to various host clubs in several countries for judging. Hosts are:

AV Enthusiasts, Melbourne Australia - Barbara Butler
KNIPOOGJE Foto & Multimedia, Roeselare Belgium - Ludo Kindt
Photo-Club Riva Bella, Waterloo Belgium - André Teyck
Ciné Caméra Club de Cannes France - Jean-Pierre Droillard
Atelier photo UIA, Saint-Nazaire France - Gérard Aurifeille
LABEL IMAGE, Strasbourg France - Patrick Kupferschlaeger
PhotoAlliance, Hamburg Germany - Renke Bienert
AV-Stammtisch, München Germany - Jürgen Tappe
Circolo Fotografico Milanese Italy - Lorenzo De Francesco
Photo club F.A. Rijen Netherlands - Henk-Jan de Weert
Port Elizabeth South Africa - Adri van Oudheusden
The North Wales & Wirral AV Group United Kingdom - NN

Each host club returns a ranking and the organizers will create a total ranking. The best authors will receive a monetary award. For rules, brochure and more information, please go to The closing date is 31 March 2017. A fee of 10 Euros is payable for each entry. To date 18 entries were received.


The planning for the PECC International AV Salon, with PSSA patronage, is well underway. We have applied for FIAP patronage and are awaiting confirmation. We plan to close the salon as usual on 15 March with judging on 17-18 March in Port Elizabeth. It is early days still, but I would like to appeal to you to start working on your AVs already.


Results of the AV Honours will be out shortly. Judges were Jill Sneesby, Chris Daly, Antenie Carstens and Jeff Morris. We wish all our AV Honours applicants all the best with their applications. Judging took place during the weekend of 25 – 27 February 2017.


Good news is that WnSoft recently released version 9 of Pictures to Exe. A demo version can be viewed here

A comprehensive list of what’s new in PTE 9 can be found here.

You can also try PTE9 for free, using as many images in your project as you want. User guides are available on-line and are regularly updated with recent changes and new articles. These are also available as PDF.

If you need help or advice on any AV-related matters, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Happy AV making!


I think that being a film composer, someone that gets it and actually applies the music, it allows you to open up a spectrum of feeling. You're now allowed to approach the music from an audio visual perspective. - Adrian Younge

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