A very short editorial from me this month, all as a result of being as busy as a bee!

Congratulations to Luana Laubscher on her Certificate of Merit for “You don’t own me” at the recent Adelaide AV Festival! Congratulations also, to Eric Thorburn on two acceptances, for “Hill of Destiny” and “The quick and the dead”.

Just looking at the full Salon Calendar for the rest of this year makes me wonder if there will be more AV enthusiasts entering. I certainly hope so! Please scroll through the AV Calendar under the AV Division’s Salon Scene tab and you will find all the relevant information, including links to the various websites there.

We are currently hard at work on judging the 3-2-1 AV Challenge, 101 AVs were received, allowing for pre-selection. The finals will be judged at the Cape Photographers Congress, from Sunday 28 April until Thursday 2 May 2019. Hope to see you there!

AV workers are, no doubt, working hard on their entries for The Cape Town Photographic Society (CTPS) AV Salon, which is closing on 31 May this year. You can download the brochure here  or email salon director This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. should you need any information.

Montagu – here we come!

Enjoy your AV making!

Adri van Oudheusden


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