First of all, I would like to wish all AV workers a blessed Christmas in the true spirit of the season. Our art is a dialogue, and sometimes, something moves you so much that you want to become part of it, however tangential it may be. Therefore my wish is that all your new ideas for Audio Visual become part of the world you love.


We may expect some changes early in the New Year with regards to International Audio Visual rules.

Lorenzo de Francesco, Director, FIAP Audio Visual Service confirmed that he is working closely with Riccardo Busi and the FIAP Board to improve AV FIAP distinctions and will shortly present documentation to FIAP in this regard. Whatever decisions are made, will have an impact on our own AV Salon Directors Manual. As a Society, we are affiliated to FIAP, and therefore have to abide by International rules.



Congratulations go to Luana Laubscher who received an acceptance for “Kerse in die donker”. Three other South African entries were disqualified on the grounds that they contain video, and were deemed “not compatible with the diaporama concept”.

The rules did not contain any restrictions regarding the use of video in Audio Visuals. This was a decision made by the preselection team after the closing date and was not communicated to the entrants.

FIAP medals were awarded and the brochure states some FIAP rules, although the salon did not have FIAP patronage. Apparently this was an oversight by the organisers.

After lodging a complaint, the organisers requested the original PTE work files. These were submitted but to date we have not received any correspondence regarding the matter. We can only trust that the matter will be resolved early in the new year.


Congratulations go to Luana Laubscher who received the Club bronze medal for “Lalena” and an acceptance for “Kerse in die Donker”, and Jeff Morris who received the Club Gold medal for “Angola, land of contrasts” and an acceptance for Fey 11.

Here too, there was some confusion with the results list, which had been rectified.


3rd PECC International AV Salon FIAP 2018/008 & PSSA 2018/03 Patronage

The closing date of the third PECC International AV Salon is 15 March 2018. We hope to attract many South African entries – there is ample time to show the world what you are capable of!

3-2-1 (no patronage)

The website is updated with slightly modified rules (mainly regarding preselection and age of the submissions). Please refer to The online form for submission will be open in January 2018, the closing date for submission is 31 March 2018..

Two new hosts for 2018 are Kaus Pluemel (AV-Group Ruhr in Germany) and Urs Wohlwend (Muensingen in Switzerland) as new judging teams.
Some more hosts are welcome, please send your request and details to Klaus Fritsche This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


If your club would like to run an AV Salon in the 2018/2019 year, please do not hesitate to contact me as soon as possible in this regard. In order for the Impala Trophy to be awarded, we need at least three AV Salons with PSSA patronage per year.


Garden Route National AV Salon

The Knysna Photographic Society and George Camera Club will be hosting their AV Salon, which closes on 1 June 2018. More information will follow soon.

PSSA National AV Salon PSSA patronage

The closing date for our National AV Salon has been postponed until further notice. However, please feel free to get your entries ready in the meantime. This Salon is free of charge to PSSA members!

Please see the list of National and International AV Salons for more information on closing dates, fees and links under the AV Salon Scene tab.


The following AV workers have been approached to submit their Audio Visuals for possible inclusion in the FIAP AV Collection:

Dalen Engelbrecht, Denise Preiss, Ernest Preiss, Hannelore & Heiner Seifart, Len van Wyk, Luana Laubscher, Mary Hunter and Nellian Bekker.

More names of successful authors will be added after the results from recent Salons have been received. The FIAP Observer committee will decide on which AVs to include early in the New Year – we’ll keep you posted!


In August 2017 I published a comprehensive explanation regarding Diamond Ratings and the Impala Trophy.

Just to refresh the mind, Diamond Ratings in Audio Visual are for achievement by PSSA members in SA National and SA International Salons with PSSA patronage as well as all International Salons with patronage from one or more of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain (RPS), Photographic Society of America (PSA), Chinese Photographic Society, Australian Photographic Society (APS) and the Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique (FIAP).

International and National Salons are not simply awarded “patronage numbers”. There are many conditions that Salons have to adhere to before patronage is awarded, such as event regulations, entry forms, brochures, composition of the jury, handling of entries, jury decisions, number of prizes, notification cards, judging conditions, projection, catalogue or programme and a plethora of other considerations.

A recommendation was made to the Board to include AV Salons that have patronage from a National body, such as the FPF (French Photographic Federation) and the IPF (Irish Photographic Federation).


Several AV workers upload their AVs to YouTube as well as to websites such as and AV Workers who wish to share their AVs on the PSSA Website are welcome to do so by sending me a link from where it can be downloaded. Please also provide a poster, representing your Audio Visual, 1920 px on the horizontal or 1080 px on the vertical, containing your name and the title of your AV.

I encourage members to visit the PSSA Website for more information on eg the latest salon calendar, salon results, the AV Salon Directors Manual which will guide you through the Salon judging processes, links to articles on making Audio Visuals, software, websites, forums, newsletters and tutorials.


I believe that communication and transparency is most important in our Society and appeal to members to rather contact me should they have any enquiries or complaints.


Unfortunately I have not had any response to my request to clubs regarding AV-related events, for publishing on the PSSA Website. Any links to resources or articles will also be most welcome. There is always a shortage!


Please diarise the dates for the Cape Photographers Congress, from 18 – 22 March 2018 and register for this event here. Total capacity of the venue is 120 and bookings are fast filling up!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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