A child’s imagination is more entertaining than the best cartoon ever made! It instructs them in both physical and intellectual development, at the same time helping them to make sense of the world. It teaches them empathy and problem-solving skills, communication, negotiation and social skills. Make- believe or “pretend” play also introduces concepts like curiosity and courage.

This week we observed our grandson going into our bedroom and storming out again. “Granny, there’s a monster in your bedroom!” he shouted. He ran into the lounge and fetched his stuffed lion. “Granny, are you scared?” he asked. Of course Granny admitted to being scared, that is what Grannies do, they become part of make-believe. “Wait here, Granny”, he said as he went back to our bedroom, holding the lion in front of him, and let rip with an almighty R O A R!!!!! He came back to me. “There”, he said, “now it is all better Granny! Don’t be scared anymore, Granny!”

Such moments are worth gold. I believe that we all ought to become like little children again and play. After all, play is a child’s full-time job! The more you play, the more you learn. That is what makes our hobby, Audio Visuals, so wonderful. Enjoy and explore it to the full. Don’t’ be afraid to make mistakes. And keep on asking yourself questions, such as “what-if . . . ?”


This month I would like to call on clubs and Chairpersons to please let me have any news regarding any AV-related events, for publishing on the PSSA Website. Any links to resources or articles will also be most welcome. There is always a shortage!


The 2017 Cape Photographers Regional Congress, hosted by the East London Photographic Society certainly lived up to being a congress in the true spirit of Cape Photographers! One could feel autumn in the air, the trees displayed their magical and jewel-like colours, and the weather played along. Josef Steyn negotiated beforehand with some of the inhabitants in order that delegates could photograph their magnificent gardens. Some delegates got up at 4 o’clock in the morning to get to further outlying areas to photograph landscapes, which paid off, judging by the outstanding results.

Lectures were informative and interesting. Some lecturers’ notes can be downloaded here.

The congress started on a high note with a lecture on “Photographing the night sky” by Jill Sneesby. An introduction to Hogsback by Joseph Steyn followed. Johan Kloppers showed us some mind- boggling multiple images, I believe many photographers put the techniques to the test later. We were very privileged to listen to Koot Marais on “The art of sitting on the fence” (which formed part of his Masters and earned him a standing ovation in Swellendam). Nico Smit followed with “The art of macro photography” really an art to itself, and ended off with his very entertaining AV, “We all stand together” (yes, the one by Paul McCartney, but with real frogs). Johan Kloppers touched many hearts with his second lecture, “The life of the Himba” and focused on the plight of the Himba, how our actions may affect vulnerable tribes such as these and how what we can do to make a difference. Nico Smit’s very interesting talk, a “Photographic road map”, reminded us of what equipment was and is available, as well as new possibilities relevant to the nature photographer today. Hein Waschefort’s talk on visual concepts in art and photography, brought home the importance and relevance of thought processes in the subjective unconscious when evaluating photos. Koot Marais’s talk “Improving images – my approach” provided food for thought on improving our ability with regards to equipment, camera settings, technique as well as correct post-processing. Josef Steyn presented us with a wonderful talk on floral macro photography. Many of the flowers were photographed in his garden. Jill Sneesby concluded the lectures with “Street Photography”, which highlighted some very decisive and poignant moments arrested by her keen observant eye.

Hein’s workshops (every day to meet the demand!) were a hit, delegates couldn’t get enough of the shoots with various themes, such as The Celts and the forest and Gatsby night.

In total there were 110 delegates, of which approximately one third attended the AV Showtime evenings (the bar downstairs attracted most delegates)! Thank you very much to those AV workers who contributed to Showtime evening, the audience was certainly very appreciative. Jeff Morris presented two AVs from the “Water” competition, and three from the International Showdown. The audience had great fun in choosing the rest of the AVs from other events. Thanks to Jeff!


The event will again be a 3-in-1 event, consisting of the Cape Photographers Congress, the PSSA Audio Visual Convention and the PECC Audio Visual Festival at The Showroom, which is just about one of the best venues to showcase audio visuals. Dates are from 18 – 22 March 2018. Any suggestions for the programme are most welcome! You may now log your programme and any suggestions when you register for this event here. Total capacity of the venue is 120 and bookings are open.


Please see the list of AV Salons for more information on closing dates, fees and links under the AV Salon Scene tab.


VSS Creative AV Salon (PSSA patronage 017/25), closing 28 May 2017
Be sure to enter the VSS Creative AV Salon, closing on 28 May 2017, which promises to be very interesting and challenging! There are three categories, Creative colour,  Creative monochrome and Humour. Links to the brochure and entry form can be found here, VSS Creative AV Salon.


Adelaide International AV Festival Results

Congratulations to the following South African AV workers on their success!

Luana Laubscher – FIAP Honourable Mention for “Lalena”
Mary Hunter – FIAP Acceptance for “Aerobatics”

Adri van Oudheusden – FIAP Acceptance for “Bee”


Judges had their work cut out for them to finalise the 3-2-1 AV competition. The goal of this Challenge is to encourage short AVs where the maximum time does not exceed 3 minutes 21 seconds. Authors are free to choose the subjects. There were 113 submissions! The following crieteria were considered: idea, story, emotion, innovation, soundtrack, communication, visuals and technique.  The votes from eight countries will now be combined to arrive at an overall ranking.  Judging results should be in by 15 June 2017, after which date the results will be published.

A Photoreporter 2017 closes on 21 May 2017 and has FIAP, ISF, GPU, CEF and FCF patronage. Each author may submit an audio visual of 5 minutes maximum. The entry fee per author is 15€, whereas for photoclubs with more than ten authors, the entry fee will be 10€ per author.

5th Concorso Internazionale Audiovisivi “Citta di Garda” closes on 10 June 2017. The sequences must have been produced in the last three years (from 2014 included). Reconstructions of older works are not allowed.

35th Città di Garbagnate - A special international AV section will run within the 35th "Città di Garbagnate" Photographic contest (October 6th-7th), a worldwide well-renowned competition for digital and analogue photography. A qualified international jury will judge both competitions. The brochure and entry form will be published shortly.

Tauranga AV Salon closes on 7 June 2017. They have four categories, Theme, Documentary, Music, Poetry and Song and The world of nature. Please read the definitions and make sure you enter your AVs in the correct category.

AV Makers SA’s “Life” competition closes on 4 November 2017. “Life: the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.” The on-line entry form will be available from 21st October 2017.

3rd PECC International AV Salon 2018 FIAP 2017/315 & PSSA Patronage
The closing date of the third PECC International AV Salon is 15 March 2018. We hope to attract many more South African entries – there is ample time to show the world what you are capable of!


The closing date for the next AV Honours applications is 25 June 2017. All the relevant information may be found on the website here.

For help or advice on any AV-related matters, please do not hesitate to contact me. Happy AV making!


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