After finishing matric at Pretoria School for Art Music and Ballet (now Pro Arte) Hein studied BA fine arts the University of Pretoria (Tuks), during this time he held his first photography exhibition at the arts faculty of Tuks. Since leaving Tuks in 1978 Hein has earned his livelihood only as an artist (graphic designer) and photographer. During the Angola Border War Hein was a war photographer for the Special Forces. Returning from the army he lectured photography at Pretoria Technical College and at Pretoria University (Exploratio 2000). After producing a photo documentary on the Cultural Heritage of Robben Island and audio-visual presentation to Parliament for the South African Prison Services, Hein was appointed as senior photographer for the South African Tourist Board (SATOUR). During the 1990’s Hein was Creative director of Afrigrafix International (Pty) Ltd specialising in the leisure industry, mainly casino related designs, artwork and photography for clients such as Sun International, M Net, Starworld and others. In 2007 Hein was invited to be part of a committee establishing standards for photography education in South Africa. He is also a MICT registered Assessor in photography


Hein always says that he sees the world in pictures and that he wants to share this world with others. Teaching photography and sharing his knowledge is a passion and lifelong commitment.


PSSA honours include:

APSSA Colour Hand Prints 1988

FPSSA Colour Digital Prints 1999

APSSA Visual Arts Colour Slides 1999

FPSSA Visual Arts Colour Slides 2000

APSSA Monochrome Digital Prints 2001

APSSA Colour slides (nature) 2001

FPSSA Three Categories 2001

FPSSA Monochrome Digital Prints 2002

FPSSA (dux) 2002

APSSA Audio Visual (digital) 2007

FPSSA Audio visual (digital) 2009

APSSA Scientific and technical (Education) 2010

EPSSA Prints 2012

MPSSA Prints 2014


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